David Jalali; P.E. 

Project management including but not limited to project acquisition, planning, design, finance, and construction of various real estate ventures.


Professional Engineer and author.

David is a graduate of California State University at Long Beach. Ever since graduation, David has successfully completed an array of additional graduate level courses, training, and certificate programs to obtain additional graduate Post-baccalaureate degrees and professional licenses. David obtained his professional civil engineering license in 1987, real estate broker license in 1991, and general engineering contractor licensed in 1992. As project manager, David has successfully completed various multi-million dollar private and public projects within the allocated original budget and in a timely manner. David is experienced in planning, design, finance, cost and scheduling, sales, construction, project management and technical report writing pertaining to the residential, commercial, industrial, roadway, water and waste water, and environmental engineering improvement projects. David has managed various real estate acquisition, financing, subdivision and construction investment projects from inception to completion. David can be contacted via e mail: dave@jalali.com or telephone at (949)433-5626. 

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